Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Erectile dysfunction was thought to be mainly caused by psychological factors (like anxiety or depression), but it seems that this is the cause only about 10% of the time. If it occurs spontaneously (overnight) it may be psychological – caused by work stress, relationship difficulties or financial woes. And being anxious about poor sexual performance can also result in a failed erection. But if it has happened over time, it is probably a condition that is being exacerbated by another health issue like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, obesity and possible cardiac disease, but if it happens gradually vascular disease is likely to be the underlying cause in many cases. I had an earlier blog, where I mentioned that erections are like a canary to your vascular system in your body. So if you feel you’re not functioning – then the plumbing needs to be investigated.
Getting yourself back to health and releases the toxins from your system should slowly reverse and bring back the hard ons.

The Wrong Guy

Well we had got his very detailed instructions. Dan (not his real name) was to be walking through the alley at exactly 9.15pm. Wearing a long grey coat. And we were to grab him and abduct him. Well I don't remember anything about glasses - but he was sporting glasses. I didn't notice at first, as I rushed up from behind, grabbing his wrists and cuffing them. He started to cry out, but my cohort immediately plugged his yelling mouth with a soft cloth - binding it around his head. He was struggling - but we expected that - and dealt with him - blind folding him and bundling him into the back of the car. Laughing our heads off as he struggled kicking and mouthing off in the back, we drove to the underground car park where we pulled his pants off (under previous instruction). Then I yanked off his blind fold - to reveal bulging nervous eyes. I lifted my skirt and dropped my panties - causing his eyeballs to nearly pop from his head.
I turned to my cohort "Oh shit I think we've got the wrong guy" - then to him "I am so so sorry - this has been a terrible misun---we'll take you right back". He looked at us, then spat the cloth from his mouth: "Er, no... (looking at my groin)... carry on what you were doing".

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hiring an Escort

Some simple tips in making it a good experience.
Read between the lines - In working out who to book - take out all the seducing and enticing language in an ad and focus on what they are offering and what kind of person the escort might be - and is that person right for you?  Respect - In all dealings with independent escorts and escort agencies, make sure to adopt a respectful manner and tone - and respect and professionalism should be returned with the right booking. If they don't show respect over the phone before the booking - don't make it.  Protection - Safety and cleanliness is a big issue for most in the industry.  Show Generosity - Be generous in spirit - and it should be returned. 

For a detailed article - click here on JonsList  -

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Show Time

Erotic showtime.
Are you're interested in watching live?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Straight Talking

I read and talk to many women about their confusion that many men are attracted to 'shemale' porn. And the question is: Is it normal for straight men, with girlfriends, to have such fantasies? Well that's 90+% of my clientele. The 'shemale' porn industry is actually the fastest growing area of the adult film industry, and I've heard that this is because they started marketing it to straight men instead.

Well I think there are very few gay men interested in the feminine transexual. But why the straight interest in T-girls? Well logically - they look like, live and think like women - and most have gorgeous boobs. So that's a huge starting point for a straight guy. Men, being sexual beings, are turned on by all sorts of sexual triggers - boobs, arse, nails, vagina etc... and a penis on a 'woman' is just an additional trigger. I have been told many a time - that transexuals are exotic - from a paradise planet somewhere. It's nice to get those compliments when one is naked, but one has to live in the real world like everybody else.

So to me, it seems natural that there are a large section of straight men that are T curious - and are entranced by the mix of sexual enhancements to add to the sexual adventure by having encounters with T-women.

This is Mariana - and I hope to meet her one day.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Karezza vs Orgasm

Hold back the orgasm - and improve your sex life?

There’s a new idea (not so new) being discussed in sex therapy circles as a way to enhance relationships and reinvigorate (plus increase your stamina). And that is karezza. It removes the goal of orgasm (and sometimes a biochemical hangover after orgasm) and puts the focus on sex as a sensual experience – and it’s in the moment, so you’re not aiming towards climaxing to the end – but thinking and focusing on giving and receiving pleasure – now. While the trend is new, it is an ancient practice from Taoist and Tantric principles. At the end of a session, your body is still tingling and heightened (I’ve been practicing this for years). Now they have found that couples practising karezza tend to make love more frequently than they did with conventional sex, (which can be positive) and can revitalise the romance between couples that have long lost their original sexual action.


Monday, March 17, 2014

T Models

Its old news - but Elle Brazil, had Lea T. for its 2011 December cover. The Brazilian transsexual model looks stunning on one her first mainstream covers ever.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

There's No Planet B

Marching today in the march, I saw this poster that sums it all up.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sydney Sojourn

Just returned from Sydney. What beautiful, respectful and gorgeous gentlemen there are in the world. Had very limited appointments due to other commitments, and was sorry to miss one client (as I had to change my day which resulted in us getting our dates mixed up and so couldn't meet up). But again - I am continually enlightened by how bright and open the human spirit is.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Imagine being massaged with sensual oils by a naked ts and a naked woman (in candlelight)... then blindfolded to have your body slowly explored... completely. Then transported to a sensual place you can only dream about. The T3-experience

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The T3-Experience

I am testing a new sensational service - hoping to transport people to a whole new, unique and sensual level. Check here 
This is Mia